Looking at trees with four lenses

Pontypridd community use four lens approach for scrutiny of Council Tree Strategy

During the Autumn of 2022 our local council's draft tree strategy was open for consultation. Supported by Friends of the Earth Pontypridd and Pontypridd Great Big Green Week we used the events during Ponty Green Week to ask the community what they thought of the strategy. We used the four lens approach to frame conversations about the strategy in order to think about trees in a different way. Ponty Green Week was themed around the rights of trees. The community also contributed to our understanding about the rights of trees which was summarised in a community pledge and celebration of trees.

'Pontypridd pledges respect and protection for trees, living beings, leaves to heal nations, crowns to purify sky, roots to bind earth.'

You can read the full consultation response here

The four lens summary is below:






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