ReStore: A Gracious Art of Giving and Receiving

ReStore is space co-created by students and teachers to challenge the hegemony of consumerist culture.

We are a K-12 school in an urban setup in Northern India.

We recently embarked on a journey to challenge the hegemony of consumerist approach to consumption by designing a space named ReStore - Twice But Nice, under the larger ambit of Sustainability.  

Borrowing a leaf from social pedagogy, we aimed to create a space for dialogue around mindfulness, environment, addressing the needs of the community, promoting collaboration, identifying and addressing root causes of various issues related to environment and decision making. 

It is designed as a co- learning space for both - ‘Teacher and the Taught’.

In the age of perceptibly commercialised, and a visually oriented cultural and social space, introducing concept of minimalism is challenging in a school space but much needed. We are visualising this space as a 'tangible space' for teaching and learning the art of giving and receiving.

In this space, we not only introduce students to the fiscal matters of saving, consumption, and  the need for delayed gratification, but also give them an opportunity to see, that human flourishing requires that we feel held, heard and humanised. The school support staff is an equal partner in this teaching and learning space. 

ReStore, is a self sustaining endeavour. The school does not lend us the finances to run this space. Each object that is given away at a nominal price, has a handwritten note by the student giving away the object, articulating the emotional value and memories associated with the object - a personal message from the giver to the receiver. 

The funds collected through this exercise are utilised for numerous community outreach engagements spearheaded by the student community.




    Daniela Borodak

    Clermont-Ferrand, France

    The doughnut economy is a source of inspiration for my teaching! I hope this community helps me to answer the questions I'm consta

    Monica Lobo

    Portugal, lisbon

    I am looking for inspiration and to join forces to build better future.

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    Anisha Madhukar 8 months ago

    Thank you Monica Lobo for finding the story inspiring.

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