Scotland's Global Donut Day celebrations

A fascinating convergence of ideas featuring Scotland-based projects and brilliant speakers sharing powerful stories

Scotland celebrated its first Global Donut Day on 13th November 2023, in collaboration with with Glasgow School of Art (GSA) as the host. It was organised by Doughnut Economics Scotland network and GSA alumni Vinishree Solanki and Rebecca Lee.  


It was a remarkable celebration of local action and global connection!

Kicking off the session was an informative introduction to Doughnut Economics and 7 Ways to think like a 21st-century Economist by Kate Raworth at the Global Online Programme by Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL).


Kate Raworth's talk at the DEAL's Global Online Programme

Our GDD event was hybrid, with GSA students attending in person at Glasgow and the Highlands campus, and the speakers and wider Scottish community joining online.


What followed was a fascinating convergence of ideas, featuring Scotland-based projects and brilliant speakers sharing powerful stories and insights on subjects ranging from – accessibility, macroeconomics, community, climate change, and creativity – encompassing the doughnut economics model.



Vinishree Solanki – Organiser of Doughnut Economics Scotland Network. Vinishree hosted the event and introduced everyone to Doughnut Economics Scotland Network, an initiative to bring to life this Global Donut Day event. She shared how their vision is to grow this network to encourage connections, collaborations, and interest within Scotland for Doughnut Economics.

Vinishree spoke about Glasgow’s City Portrait on behalf of GALLANT and C40 Cities. It is an excellent example of how Glasgow is embedding the Doughnut’s framework.  Glasgow’s City Portrait aims to answer the question: How can Glasgow be a home to thriving people, in a thriving place, while respecting the wellbeing of all people and the health of the whole planet?


Glasgow City Council has teamed up with GALLANT, a University of Glasgow initiative and C40 cities to realise this.  Thriving Cities Initiative (TCI) is a collaboration between Circle Economy, C40 Cities, Doughnut Economics Action Lab and Biomimicry 3.8. 

Vinishree Solanki

Laura Curto – Rethinking Economics. Laura is studying at University of Glasgow as an Exchange student from Italy’s Bocconi University, and she shared about Rethinking Economics latest campaign where they are involved in introducing Doughnut Economics as part of the curriculum.


Rebecca Lee - DEAL Accessibility Lead for Global Donut Day. Rebecca introduced some of the outcomes of DEAL and Universal Recognition Movement’s co-creative project. Together they have produced a first draft of accessibility tool-kit for the Creative Commons for GDD. Throughout her talk she spoke about various nuances of accessibility through her personal story. Her talk emphasised how the accessibility tool-kit aligns with the Doughnut Economics’ 7 ways of thinking and is a critical aspect of the social boundaries.  


William Thomson – Scotonomics. He comes with a wealth of knowledge on Doughnut Economics from an economist’s perspective. William, founder of Scotonomics, showed that what you know about the economy affects your view of the potential of the doughnut. In an interactive session William reframed the economic conditions for a successful implementation of the doughnut.

William Thomson - Scotonomics


Clair Dufour – Climate Producer, CULTIVATE. Claire talked about how creativity can spearhead issues around climate justice to develop actions with local communities. How do we create safer, braver and more equitable spaces where we can learn from each other, and imagine/shape a better future together? Claire, Creative Dundee’s Creative Climate Producer, shared more about CULTIVATE, a regional leadership programme which places creativity at the heart of climate justice, developing action with local communities – a chance to see how the doughnut economy principles are translated into reality.

Claire Dufour talk about CULTIVATE


Melanie Frances - Mel Frances is a game designer, digital storyteller and creative mathematician. She makes interactive experiences - books, performances and games - that travel to unknown places, speculative futures and alternative realities. Mel talked about her project The Doughnut (working title) which is a piece of escape-room style game theatre about the doughnut economy.

Melanie Frances


It was followed by a 2-hour ‘Step Into the Doughnut’ immersive workshop with the Innovation School students, to experience the concepts through what they care about, connecting it with their lives, their communities, and the natural world in an interactive and experiential way. The highlight of the day was to hear them reflect on the three layers of the doughnut from their own positionality, privileges, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds. It sparked discussion on ways of embedding it in their studio projects.


Over 120 GSA students and staff, along with 20 online participants and speakers, made this a truly incredible event.

Recordings of the talks

More about GDD at GSA along with useful links 



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