Join the Climate Bet  by donating $25 for a climate action project in a low income country.   You can choose to put your $25 toward replacing kerosene lamps in Africa with solar panels.   Or choose rainforest restoration in Uganda.  Or choose biogas in Nepal.    Or spread your donation over all six projects.     

These projects help meet the basic needs of all within the means of the planet.   They promote the Doughnut. 

The purpose of the campaign is to say "we want climate action at COP26 in Glascow in November 2021."   

After joining by donating,  I took a moment to put a pin on my location on the globe map.  I was the third person in my continent, North America, to do that.  (Half the folks don't bother to place a pin.)   There are lots and lots of folks in Germany, because they started this campaign..   The website can be viewed in English or German.   

Next I invited my friends to join the campaign.   Each day, there is another pin or two in North America.

Nan Hildreth,  Houston Texas USA

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