I think Kate’s doughnut is a work of genius and I wanted to recreate the idea in an editable form that can be generalized for all types of systems, for example an individual business or any other thing. I have written a program in FMS Logo, which is available for free here: https://fmslogo.sourceforge.io/ The program instructions are listed in the left column of the document provided, you need only copy/paste them in the Logo command line. The CIRCLE radius can be edited (125 units per inch). You can edit the colors using RGB codes as well as the divisions for the inner and outer rings by changing the number of degrees as parts of 360 degrees on lines 21 and 30 (this image has 5 divisions of 72 degrees each, but you can use whatever you choose). In keeping with the fact that when an object is moving away, it is said to be red-shifted and when moving closer, blue-shifted, I have used warm colors to indicate movement away from optimization of the system under consideration, etc. After running the FMS Logo program, I save the basic doughnut as a .bmp file, place it in a Word document and add the labels with the Insert -> Shapes menus. 

I am licensing the image under CC BY SA Larry Marquardt. Feel free to modify and use as you see fit, but please provide attribution.

Have fun, and I hope it’s useful.

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