The wreath you see in the image we installed yesterday and we bought it at a flowershop here in Berlin. The only aspect worth mentioning may be that we bought a large wreath instead of a Chritsmas tree for being more sustainable despite services popping up here such as which offer pot-grown trees (I called the owner who explained a 97% survival-rate when those trees are then later planted). So why post all this here? Why is this a tool?

Well when I sat down this morning having my coffee, looking at the wreath , it struck me: It looks like a doughnut! :-) So after a bit of research I found many sites like thisone which explain how a beautiful wreath does not need to be bought "off the shelve" (as we did) but can be created with nature offering so many wonderful and free materials. How even things in a recycle bin can be perfect materials for your wreath making!

So I post this here in tools in order to encourage everyone to make their own wreath, leave those trees in the ground (for them and us to thrive) and make wreath making a fun and exciting project - maybe even expressing "The Doughnut" what that safe and just space may look like in an artistic way?

If you have any exiting results in regards to expressing "The Doughnut", please share them with me!

Who's using this tool?

    Iliyana Nedkova

    Thanks, Sebastian for referring to the Christmas wreath shape symbolism as part of the doughnut economy. This festive season of 2020 my 11 year old daughter and I experiemented with making our own Christmas wreaths for the first time. We salvaged free offcuts from the pop up Christmas tree markets in town and combined them with dried herbs from our urban allotmnet. We hung them around our house but it never occurred to us to consider them as part of the doughnut DIY economy. We certainly will when we take them down to usher in the new 2021. Iliyana

    10 months ago

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