SDGs4U pilot student learning modules

Two pilot student learning modules on the SDGs with a focus on the economy (including Doughnut Economics)

SDGs4U pilot student learning modules including the SDGs & the Economy

Alongside European partners, the Welsh Centre for International Affairs has put together 2 short courses on the SDGs primarily aimed at students but available to anyone. One module focuses on the SDGs and the economy - including alternative approaches to GDP growth at all costs. The second module broadens knowledge about the SDGs and how individuals can support their delivery.

These modules are in their pilot phase and as such we would really value any comments or thoughts on how they could be improved.

You can access the courses here SDGs4U – Learning Lab (

You can add any feedback on the courses here IO1 Feedback - Google Docs

Many thanks & best wishes





    Jovita Rodrigues

    Sancoale Goa, India

    The Doughnut Economics makes sense to me and feel this is the way we can change our way of living. To me this is the answer!

    Nora Clinton

    Cowes, England, United Kingdom

    A real interest in making change in my immediate environment and locality.

    Rodolfo Pereira

    Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

    Life is too short and the Doughnut is the way to go ;)

    Eva Marina Valencia Leñero

    Mexico City, Mexico

    Building sustainability transitions, by downscaling the doughnut with new methodological tools and implementation projects.


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