Checklists (GERMAN)

Checklists for the foundation of social-ecological donut initiatives (GERMAN)

Here you will find checklists for the conversion or start-up of initiatives and projects in the thematic fields of energy, mobility & participation. The selected initiatives support municipalities and civil society actors to get into the donut.

  1.     Found energy cooperatives
  2.     Launching wheel sheds
  3.     Carry out participatory climate and environmental processes

These types of citizens' initiatives are particularly relevant to the donut economy as they aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while empowering civil society to drive sustainable change, thus having an environmental and social impact.

How can an initiative contribute to the Donut Economy? As explained in Method 2, the community donut focuses on the 4 areas of tension: 1) local-social 2), local-ecological, 3) global-social and 4) global-ecological. The initiative can contribute to the realisation of the donut economy if it has a positive impact in these four fields.

At this point we would like to thank all relevant associations and local representatives for their cooperation in qualitative interviews. It is only through their knowledge and practical experience that these checklists are possible.





    Jonas Bothe

    Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland

    Within NELA.Next Economy Lab we develop tools for NGOs and stakeholders within civil society to apply the Doughnut to their needs


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