EXGM Solver

A behavoural pattern in order to solve problems in heterogenours groups of 3-6 people.

The behaviooural pattern has several steps and is accomplished within 90 minutes.
1. Define a person as solution owner that thinks about the problem a couple of days
1. Find out what experiences knowledge that could be needed to solve the problem
2. Select 3-6 people that maps the requirements alltogether.
3 Run the meeting with the specific behavioural patterns.

After the meeting the solution owner will be loaded with new impressions and solution possibilities. What to do and what NOT to do. When they are worked through the solution owner can call for another meeting and get input for the next step. There might be a need to find other people that maps the requirement for the next step.





    Anders Isven

    Gothenburg, Sweden

    This is a way to form a global community in order to be able to take needed uncomfotable decisions.


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