Economy Map

An interactive visualisation of the main economic flows of a country, shown alongside Doughnut Economics indicators.



The aim of the Economy Map is to offer an overview of the workings and proportions of the economy of a country, while spurring thought on these fundamental questions: what aims should we set for policymaking, and how should we measure progress?

In the visualisation, the main economic flows of the country (in this case Finland) are connected into a single diagram, which are visualised alongside the social and environmental indicators of the Doughnut.

Economic activity is interdependent on the wellbeing of people and the natural environment. However, this visualisation deliberately avoids drawing causal connections between economic indicators and social and environmental indicators, as in many cases these can be both complex and controversial. However, the visualisation includes a drawing function which enables users to sketch their own connections between the various indicators. 

Earlier versions of the Economy Map have included industry-level data including – among many others –  the energy use and emissions of each individual industry. While a more detailed visualisation may be more useful in policymaking, this first public version of the Economy Map has been simplified for clarity.

We hope this tool will be useful for policymakers and educators, and we warmly welcome all feedback to help us develop the Economy Map to be more useful.

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    Bou Vongthear

    Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    I've been attached to this ideas about doughnut economics since 2017 and this is the right time that i can do something about this

    Peter Tattersall


    I'm interested in how Doughnut thinking could become part of mainstream national and local policymaking.


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