• First Sunday of each month, 12 noon EST on Zoom. 
  • A monthly support group and global learning community for people who love Earth and care deeply about humanity and future generations. 

  • Here is the updated document we are using in the meeting.

  • Acknowledge your Earth grief, heal your heart, nurture your vision and creative imagination. 

  • Create a practice to feel inner-peace, love, happiness and good humor, while working  for justice and sustainability. 

  • Join this monthly check-in for Global Transformationalists supporting Doughnut Economics. 

  • Tell friends and colleagues of this healing and nurturing Circle of Creatives for Earth & Doughnut Economics.
    with Sandy Hinden, author of the free Guidebook for Person & Planet.
  • Here is the link to register. 
    Aman Walia

    Thank you for hosting this Sandy! I am in deep gratitude for your dedication and love to Mother Earth.

    It had been a truly educative and insightful conversation and I look forward to define our strategies in more depth!

    Till next time!

    Kind regards,

    5 months ago
    Sanford Hinden

    Thanks Aman,

    EARTH: I look forward to learning more about your research and development in heat transfer from local data centers to use in local communities. "Heat Harvesting" globally makes so much sense to use for good purposes. You are the helping the world toward Evolving Earth Energy Systems! Helping us move science and technology into policy, politics and economics.

    HUMANITY: I also appreciate that you see the value in developing our learning community of conscious, caring, compassionate, collaborative, co-creative people for Earth and future generations. With patience, persistence, inner-peace, self-compassion, daily action on our values . . . and some healthy fun : ) . . . we can make steady progress for Earth and humanity.

    I look forward to our next Zoom meeting on August 1st.

    Talk soon,

    5 months ago

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