Our monthly open virtual cuppa conversation the second Tuesday of the month.
Facilitated by Roisin Markham and a core group of IDEN members the virtual cuppa space is offered for people who are curious, interested and inaction about new economic thinking and asking how can the place where I live flourish?

As we continue to live with COVID and tackle climate action, Ireland has to find and create a just space for all its people and all of nature. An Ireland that thrives from a strong social foundation and within planetary boundaries. 
Our network exists to support each other around how to be in action with these ideas and how to think like a 21st-century economist.
So if that's alive for you come along join us for a cuppa! & consider joining our Slack channel also.

We have lots to catch up on this month:
  •  hearing the news of our first doughnut in West Cork
  •  the forming of a Dublin doughnut
  •  where doughnut economics conversations and events are happening around the country

 IDEN respectfully request you join DEAL if you want to attend because
  • the Irish DE Network #IDEN operate with DEAL code of conduct and principles of practice. 
  • by joining the virtual cuppa you are agreeing to have read & follow the code of conduct and principles of practice 

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