IDEN monthly Virtual Cuppa (Past)

Irish Doughnut Economics Network Monthly open virtual cuppa - come chat, meet others and join the actions

Our monthly open virtual cuppa conversation the second Tuesday of the month.
Facilitated by Roisin Markham and a core group of IDEN members the virtual cuppa space is offered for people who are curious, interested and inaction about new economic thinking and asking how can the place where I live flourish?

As we continue to live with COVID and tackle climate action, Ireland has to find and create a just space for all its people and all of nature. An Ireland that thrives from a strong social foundation and within planetary boundaries. 
Our network exists to support each other around how to be in action with these ideas and how to think like a 21st-century economist.
So if that's alive for you come along join us for a cuppa! & consider joining our Slack channel also.

We have lots to catch up on this month:
  •  hearing the news of our first doughnut in West Cork
  •  the forming of a Dublin doughnut
  •  where doughnut economics conversations and events are happening around the country

 IDEN respectfully request you join DEAL if you want to attend because
  • the Irish DE Network #IDEN operate with DEAL code of conduct and principles of practice. 
  • by joining the virtual cuppa you are agreeing to have read & follow the code of conduct and principles of practice 

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    Roisin Markham

    Gorey, Leinster, Ireland

    Designer, bridging from X we are here -> regenerative futures where nature & humanity thrive in the places we live, work & play.

    Stephen O'Dwyer

    Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

    My concerns about how far we have overshot the planetary boundaries and my agreement that the doughnut is the answer.

    Kieran Somers

    Killarney, Munster, Ireland

    I believe doughnut economics is how states and communities should be understood in the 21st century

    Zoe Tennyson

    Bandon, Munster, Ireland

    I want to learn, connect, bring positive changes

    Stephen Prior

    Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

    I hope to learn more about better ways to organise ourselves and support people in doing useful and meaningful work

    Aurianne Stroude

    Fribourg, Switzerland

    wanting to share and discuss ideas, willing to learn more about the doughnut economics

    Una FitzGerald

    Galway, Connacht, Ireland

    Kate Raworth's book, online talks and interviews. Her ideas have brought me here.

    William Schmick

    Vail, Colorado, United States of America

    I'm writing my undergraduate Capstone Research Thesis on communities that are applying doughnut economics.


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