Bath City Doughnut Learning Session: An Economy of Equals (Past)

Who's not in the room? Let's map who we know (and who we don't) in the Embedded Economy for more balanced conversations.

Another informal opportunity for anyone reading Doughnut Economics or interested in the concept to find out more about it, and thrash out any sticky themes or questions arising so far.

This session, we'll be responding to ongoing calls to 'map' the work that's already underway in Bath by the various active groups.

But to do this effectively - as in, outlining what we know AND what we don't know; to be able to see who's in the mix and who's missing - we need a something to plot them all on to.

So we'll be taking a step back from imagining the possibilities for a moment, to ground our knowledge within the Embedded Economy diagram (pg 71 of the book) and its four equal and complementary quadrants - the market, the state, the household and the commons.

We'll compare it to how the market-dominated economy is set up now, and reveal any gaps we need to fill to have truly balanced conversations moving forward.

If you're in Bath and would like to join us, please join the Bath LinkedIn Group: and register for the event. If you're not on LinkedIn, just email Carra Santos at instead.




    Carra Santos

    Bath, BANES, UK.

    Sustainable futures educator and interpreter enabling cross-sector collaboration in cities and communities.

    Arabella Tresilian


    I'm a member of Bath City Doughnut Learning Group, and a conflict mediator and dialogue facilitator working in public services.

    Ian McKay

    Bath, UK

    I want to be useful - particularly in Bath and North East Somerset

    Sanjiv Shrivastava

    North Saanich, BC

    Using Doughnut economic and principles to develop planning strategies


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