Co-creating a Doughnut Economics Book Club Guide (Past)

A 90 minute event to co-create a guide for those who want to explore the book, Doughnut Economics, together

Co-creating a Doughnut Economics Book Club Guide

Book clubs and study groups are a great way to get to know the ideas of Doughnut Economics and discuss them with other people to think about how they could be applied to your place and your community.

A number of groups from around the world have already held book clubs and study groups on Doughnut Economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist to deepen their knowledge of the ideas and discuss how they can be put into practice.  

So we thought, wouldn't it be great if we created an event to draw on this experience of what makes a good Doughnut Economics book club or study group, as well as inviting the ideas of the DEAL Community, to create a Book Club Guide (as a tool on the platform) for anyone who'd like to start a book club of their own?

This 90 minute event will be held on zoom (link above) and will invite your examples of what's worked as well as explore ideas of what might not yet have been tried. There will no doubt be lots of ways to hold a great book club or study group (which is great!), so we'll aim to capture and develop some of these to go in the guide.

So do express your interest by clicking 'Join' in the event page above, share the event with others who might be interested, share any ideas you might have in the comments below, and join us on 22nd April (@ 7pm BST / 8pm CEST) via the zoom link above.

No matter who you are (some cats have even been known to take an interest), or where you are (whether you're on a beach or in a snowy woodland), we look forward to co-creating with you!




    Rob Shorter

    Oxford, England, United Kingdom

    Excited to explore & share inclusive, participatory & imaginative ways of bringing the Doughnut to life

    Padmasai Varanasi

    Oxford, England, United Kingdom

    I am a Economist, hoping to turn into a renegade Economist! Looking forward to being a part of the Doughnut Economics revolution!

    Yuge Lei

    Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany

    I firmly believe that we need a shift away from the understanding of economics that shapes the way we think and act today.

    Danila Torres

    Campinas, São Paulo, Brasil

    Criar impacto positivo conectando ideias e pessoas com o mesmo propósito

    Andy Reeve

    Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

    Have followed the journey for some time and hope to bring some ideas and process to the community

    Colette Louize Slade, Board Member and Treasurer for Cara's Animal Rescue Alliance

    Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States of America

    Humanity needs to change. Doughnut Economics is the best solution I've read. I want to learn more and meet like minded people.

    Kieran Somers

    Killarney, Munster, Ireland

    I believe doughnut economics is how states and communities should be understood in the 21st century

    Evelyn Canelas Santiesteban about 3 years ago

    Hello everyone! I would like to participate in this interesting initiative. The day of the event of the first session I could not attend due to a crossing of the agenda but I am very excited to contribute in this collaborative process! I will be grateful if you can send me a contact email.

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    Miguel Quiñones about 3 years ago

    After participating in a few Doughnut Economics book clubs and working with a few of the local groups working on smaller efforts I thought I should cross-link with as many outlets as possible starting with the biggest one.

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    Brian Harp about 3 years ago

    The question that led me to this seminar is, "what are the 5 best books to read that will help me understand economic terminology, global economics and ultimately, the Doughnut Economics philosophy at a deeper level?" I would love to hear what experts have to say on this topic for me personally and for book clubs that form in response to this event.

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    Rieta Aliredjo about 3 years ago

    Definitely joining! Studied the book several times and created podcasts in both Dutch and English around it:

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    Ekin Al about 3 years ago

    Hi I am Ekin from Turkey. I am an economics student, but we are not learning doughnut economics here. I organize workshops where I bring together different generations where I talk about donut economy. Students, academics, business people come together in small groups and we talk about the salvation of this century. Any resource you can share would be very instructive for me. I am trying to improve my English communication skills, it will help me a lot in this regard, thank you very much!

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    Claire Callan about 3 years ago

    Hi, What synchronicity, I put together a document for this, just last week (with great input from IDEN and Cambridge). We hope to host a book club soon for London doughnut. I have chapter guides for some but not all of the chapters yet. Would love to join up with you guys, unfortunately, I wont be able to join on the 22nd as I will be attending a full week of training. Do you want to email me at and we can link up beforehand? I can show you what I have so far. Claire

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    Rob Shorter about 3 years ago

    Hi Claire, that would be great! Looking forward to seeing you've created

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    Jennifer Brandsberg-Engelmann about 3 years ago

    Hi Clare,

    We (Frankfurt Doughnut Coalition) just started a book club for DE this past week, with our first provocation posted tomorrow for the first chapter. If you've got some ideas already put together I would really love to see them - it might save me reinventing the wheel :)

    We are reading the book between now and June 1, one chapter per week with a provocation for each week, but to enable more to join at their own pace we won't discuss the whole book until the June 1 community meeting.

    Are you willing to share what you've done already before April 22? If yes, my email and many thanks:

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