Doughnut Economics: A new perspective on urban development in Exeter (Past)

Come and share your ideas on what an inclusive and exciting approach to civic spaces in local developments across Exeter

Please join us at this free and inclusive event for anyone affected by and interested in urban development across Exeter. We will use inspiring and imaginative tools from Doughnut Economics to create a collective vision for what is important, what is complex, and what is often hidden or unheard.

T his is an entirely independent event, being held to bring the ideas of Doughnut Economics to some of the key questions and challenges we face across our city.

We'll have food and refreshments available, and hope to see you there!

Doughnut Economics is a way of thinking about how humanity can thrive in the 21st Century, a time of major environmental and social change. The model is a way of describing the safe and just space that societies should aim to live within, where people have what they need for a happy and healthy life (such as food, housing and income), whilst respecting the systems which sustain all life on Earth.

The Exeter Doughnut brings together people from across the community, academia, business and local government to see how we can implement Doughnut Economics ideas. This means creating a city where everyone thrives and where climate and ecological action are part of everyday decision-making.




    Belinda Martin


    I'm studying MSC Global Sustainability Solutions and would like to learn and share with the DEAL Community.


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