Downscaling the Doughnut: what’s cooking in Brussels, Cambridge and Berlin? (Past)

A webinar with changemakers in Berlin, Brussels, and Cambridge, hosted by the DEAL Team.

Update #2 (02/12/2020): This webinar has passed -- read about it (and watch the recording)

Update #1 (16/11/2020): Due to high demand we have added additional tickets for those who wish to join the webinar directly and ask questions. In addition, we will also be livestreaming the webinar on YouTube, which anyone will be able to tune into.

Register for the first DEAL webinar on Downscaling the Doughnut

At Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL), we’re launching a series of webinars that bring together people with a shared interest in translating the global Doughnut to many smaller scales, from neighbourhoods to nations, in both the global North and global South. 

Our aim is to host a space for members of the DEAL Community to learn from the work of others, take inspiration from their diverse approaches, and feel even better equipped to put  Doughnut-thinking into practice in their own contexts.

We’re excited to invite members of the DEAL Community to our very first one on 25 November at 16:00 - 18:00 (UK time).

During this first webinar, we will hear from three inspiring groups of changemakers in global North cities who have each initiated their own distinct approach to bringing the Doughnut ‘City Portrait’ tool to life in the context of their own cities.

The webinar will be hosted by the DEAL Team and include speakers from collaborative networks recently formed in Berlin, Brussels, and Cambridge that include civil society organisations, multi-disciplinary researchers, city officials, city residents and others. After their presentations, we will open up for questions, discussion, and reflection.

  • The Doughnut initiative for Berlin began with an encounter of two activists from different citizens movements in June 2020. Since then, a core group has formed that is actively exploring how to bring the Doughnut to Berlin through different activities. Their kick-off workshop at the end of September was attended by about 25 representatives of various organisations, and was enriched by insights shared by a member of the Amsterdam Doughnut Coalition.
  • The Brussels Donut initiative, launched on 28th September, aims to generate and discuss innovative solutions to current challenges faced by residents in the Brussels Capital Region, all through the lenses of the Doughnut City Portrait - looking at both social and ecological issues, with local and global impacts. The process will be participatory: it will include the knowledge and experience of groups involved in leading the region’s transition, but also city residents who are driven by their own experience of living in the city region.

  • The Cambridge Doughnut Economics Action Group is a community group building relationships with local government and other key organisations to help deliver a vision for Cambridge as a more just and environmentally sustainable city. Their bottom-up, grassroots efforts to tackle social and ecological crises include data gathering workshops with the ambition to build a City Portrait for Cambridge into an online tool, accessible to a wide range of residents. 

The webinar will take place using the Zoom video-conferencing platform. Please register on Eventbrite to receive the webinar details. We do hope you can join us.

Future webinars in DEAL’s series on Downscaling the Doughnut will feature changemakers putting the Doughnut into practice in the global South, as well as those working at the neighbourhood, district, regional or national level. We warmly welcome you to join us and take inspiration from the wide range of countries and contexts in which this work is happening.

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