IDEN Virtual Cuppa - after hours (Past)

OPEN session to meet and discuss everything doughnut economics

IRISH DOUGHNUT ECONOMICS NETWORK #IDEN presents the virtual cuppa - after hours (not a virtual pub), an evening time cuppa for people to meet and chat. 
It is part of our action to connect people thinking like a 21st Centry economist and seed the idea into action across Ireland. 

Our virtuals cuppas started in September and ran Friday mornings weekly until December 2020. That did not suit everyone who wanted to connect around DEAL. So we thought we'd experiment a bit and open up the event to anyone who is interested. 

This after hours, an evening time cuppa is open to anyone that wants to attend in Ireland or across the globe.

 IDEN respectfully request you join DEAL if you want to attend because
  • the Irish DE Network #IDEN operate with DEAL code of conduct and principles of practice. 
  • by joining the virtual cuppa you are agreeing to have read & follow the code of conduct and principles of practice 

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    Roisin Markham

    Gorey, Leinster, Ireland

    Designer, bridging from X we are here -> regenerative futures where nature & humanity thrive in the places we live, work & play.

    Duncan Crowley

    Lisbon, Área Metropolitana de Lisboa, Portugal

    Seeing how to learn with and help support communities make real change to a degrowth future, with lots of ADVENTURES

    Celine Horner

    Wicklow, Leinster, Ireland

    Interested in economics and just society

    Jeff Caselden

    Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

    It's well past time to stop treating only the symptoms and begin to rethink the systems at the heart of our economies & societies!

    Tom O'Leary

    Killarney, Munster, Ireland

    My name is Tom and my quest to answer one question has brought me here: What kind of ancestor do I want to be?

    Stan Quarterman


    Heard KR on McWiIIiams podcast, read the book a whiIe back. Wasn't aware that such an organisation existed. A recent economics de

    Sydney Nolan

    Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

    First introduced to DEAL through current studies as a Trinity College Dublin MBA student; determined to get my degree and do good!


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