MOOC: Toward Co-operative Commonwealth: Transition in a Perilous Century

A Unique Learning Opportunity for Changemakers Everywhere. Can we Navigate to a Safe Space for All Beings?

Announcing a Unique Learning Opportunity for Changemakers Everywhere.

Synergia collaborates with practitioners, policymakers, and academics to create and advance change that makes a difference in communities, regions, and broader systems, especially alternatives responding to local and global crises.

6th Edition (Last edition 1155 registrations from 75 countries)

Tuition-free or by donation.

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The course is composed of 7 modules that run over 21 weeks.

Orientation begins: January 14, 2024
Start Date:  January 21, 2024

You can start,  even after the MOOC has begun.

Each of the seven modules runs for three weeks. Each requires at least 2 hours a week.

Option of Study Circles and Action Groups.

Everyone is welcome: early-stage explorers, highly educated people with deep experience in their sector, people concerned with the crises, educators searching for tools and processes to facilitate the learning, activists, advocates & practitioners related to specific approaches…

Can we Navigate to a Safe Space for All Beings?

With a growing awareness of key planetary limits, the graphic usefully depicts the cross-weaving themes, across which and within which, participants are challenged to connect the dots between various basic needs and key systems change strategies.

Starting from limits, each module examines the nature and source of the challenges manifested in one basic needs area (the vertical axis) and the diverse ways strategies are being applied to meet basic needs more resiliently by changing systems (the horizontal axis).

Our expectation is that the featured struggles, and the spirit and hard-won progress they embody, will arouse your sense of the possibilities, ways, and means to achieve a less dangerous and more just future. Our hope, in turn, is to nourish and strengthen both your individual and collective capacities to contribute meaningfully to our common and troubled home.


A framework of concepts, values, and practices that give priority to 

-       resilience over economic growth 

-       co-operation over competition 

-       sufficiency over efficiency 

-       well-being over the right to possess 

-       fairness and equity over the primacy of markets, trade, and capital

-       decentralized and democratic ownership over centralized power and private ownership 

-       climate justice and just transition the commons over the rights of private property, and 
-      our dependence upon nature over our right to dominate it. 




    Sarah Hoey


    A belief that a better world is possible


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