Responding to the Climate Emergency (Past)

Learn how Cornwall Council and others are using doughnut economics to improve decision making

Understanding how to respond to the ongoing Climate Emergency is a challenge shared by businesses, charities and other organisations across Cornwall. It is important to demonstrate positive action, and to build our own resilience, but putting it into practice is difficult.

This free online event, part of the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce Festival of Business, will introduce the model, and how Cornwall Council have adapted it to inform decision-making throughout the organisation.

You will learn more about the model, how it works, the benefits and challenges it can bring and how to find support to develop the idea to suit your own organisation.

The event is hosted by Peter Lefort, Sector & Partnerships Lead for Cornwall Council's Carbon Neutral Cornwall programme.

N.B. This event is 3-4pm GMT, not 4-5pm as the headline above states




    Bruce McNaughton

    Oxford, England, United Kingdom

    Using the Embedded Economy 'big picture' model to explore the changes needed to move to the 'safe and just space for humanity'.

    Sophie Lantreibecq

    London Borough of Haringey, England, United Kingdom

    I hope to bring perspective from a local government point of view, and to get new ideas to create change at a local level.

    Kathy Gibbs

    London, England, United Kingdom & Barbados

    Several years ago I also asked the question: "Why (knowing what we know) is there (still) an obsession with endless growth?"


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