The Doughnut for Cities & Regions: A Doughnut Initiatives Sharing Session (Past)

An online sharing session feat. six initiatives, part of the programme of the 8th International Degrowth Conference.

An overview of the event:
The restless expansion of our economies is causing unprecedented crises and threatening our very existence. The 8th International Degrowth Conference, 24—28 August 2021 (online + in-person in the Hague, NL), aims to raise awareness about potential pathways out of these crises.
To no surprise, the Doughnut Model plays a role, too!

As part of the 4-day conference programme, this 90-minutes online sharing session is going to feature six cities and regions (Amsterdam, Belgrade, Berlin, Devon, California, Rio de Janeiro). The speakers of each city/region will share their diverse insights on local doughnut initiatives, including initiation, goals, organising process and recent developments, followed by an interactive Q&A.

  • Ana Lavaquial, cofounder LivMundi, an impact network-based movement in Rio de Janeiro
  • Jane Brady, co-founder of the Bioregional Learning Centre, convener of the Devon Doughnut Collective
  • Jared Ruiz Bybee, California Doughnut Economics Coalition
  • Miloš Kovačević, Researcher at the Platform for Theory and Practice of Commons, Belgrade
  • Patrick Léon Gross, co-founder Donut Berlin
  • Rieta Aliredjo, Social Entrepreneur, Advocate and Activist for Circular and Doughnut Economy, Amsterdam
  • Rob Shorter, DEAL Community and Education Lead

How to attend:
To attend this session you will need to sign up for the conference as a whole. You can click here to register. Payment is on a sliding scale. For more information and practical details you can also consult the registration manual.

Further information on the conference:
With its overall theme, Caring Communities for Radical Change, we highlight that care – through solidarity and justice – is central to degrowth as a collective project promoting sustainable, decolonial, feminist and post-capitalist modes of flourishing. The conference will be an invitation to build bridges between social movements, art, research and other practices, bringing together a range of different perspectives and actors.




    Ana Paula Santos

    São Paulo, Brasil

    The idea of the Donut caught my attention since graduation and now, in my Master's, my idea is to apply it in a city in our region

    Emily Davies O'Sulliva

    Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

    I am passionate about change and interested to learn more and get some great ideas for my community

    Felipe Soraires

    Rosario, Argentina

    Building a circular economy and share spaces with like-minded people from around the globe.

    Maya Zuckerman

    San Francisco, California, United States of America

    I'm studying for my circular economy MBA at Bradford UNI and have been part of the regenerative movement for a few years.

    Conny Bergé

    Huizen, Noord-Holland, Nederland

    - connect and cooperate to cocreate the doughnut economy - together strengthen, accelerate and deepen our concrete projects.

    Eva Marina Valencia Leñero

    Mexico City, Mexico

    Building sustainability transitions, by downscaling the doughnut with new methodological tools and implementation projects.


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