Transform Finance on aligning enterprise ownership with Doughnut Economics (Past)

This webinar by Transform Finance is key for anyone wanting to use the Doughnut Design for Business tool.

The recording of this webinar can be viewed here.

An exciting new report by Transform Finance identifies ways Alternative Ownership Enterprises can be spread by entrepreneurs and investors. 

“Economic transformation on the scale that today’s crises demand cannot be achieved without a transformation of business itself. [...] We need economies and enterprises that are distributive by design, sharing value, power, and opportunity far more equitably with all involved—throughout their supply chains—in creating that value.” 
- Kate Raworth, Author of Doughnut Economics.

Entrepreneurs designing businesses within the limits of the Doughnut have to factor in many things, such as how their products are designed, their contracts with suppliers and how they pay their staff. To enable it to pursue such strategies, it will also need to shape its own enterprise design accordingly - meaning that the governance and ownership structure is fundamental to the success of its purpose. 

Transform Finance recently released an important report on enterprise models that best align social impact, governance, and economic value across the enterprise’s stakeholders that make it possible. They refer to these models as Alternative Ownership Enterprises.

In this webinar, Transform Finance will share these models in detail, provide strategies for entrepreneurs who are curious about first steps towards designing Alternative Ownership Enterprises, and provide insight into the nascent but growing investor ecosystem dedicated to mobilizing capital toward these transformative models. 

For anyone using Doughnut Economics into the world of businesses, these insights on transforming ownership and governance are essential. In particular, the role of finance in helping or hindering this transformation is central to any journey of enterprise redesign. This webinar is a can’t miss for anyone hoping to transform businesses so they can help humanity into the Doughnut.

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