Transforming places with Doughnut Economics: webinar 2 (Past)

Hearing from two local government-led initiatives: the City of Nanaimo and Brussels Capital Region

It has been incredibly exciting for us at DEAL to see a growing number of initiatives across the world exploring how to apply the ideas of Doughnut Economics to transform their place. 

Drawing from the concepts of Doughnut Economics, and adapting and contextualising DEAL’s tools, pioneering local and regional governments, and pioneering communities have been innovating and taking action in many different ways - convening change-makers and developing new visions for their places, creating new metrics using the City Portrait methodology (now relaunched as Doughnut Unrolled), designing new decision-making and planning processes, and embedding the Doughnut into policies and strategies. 

This is the second from a series of regular webinars we have just started, where we will invite many of these changemakers to share their work with the wider DEAL Community.  

We will be hearing from different social and geographic contexts, from local governments and communities, from the so-called global South and global North. We are also planning to hold the webinars in different time zones, making sure that wherever you may be in the world, you could join us for some of these.

So please do join us for the second online webinar on 14 June @ 5.00 - 6.00pm (London time), where we will be hearing from two local government-led initiatives focusing on the transformation of places:

  • Brussels, Belgium - Starting in 2020, “Brussels Donut” project explores various ways of implementing the Doughnut Economy in the Brussels Capital Region. It aims at making the Doughnut a shared compass used by all actors of the region, to imagine the future of Brussels and to make coherent decisions in favour of the ecological and social transition. Brussels Donut is financed by the Brussels Capital Region under the patronage of Barbara Trachte, the Brussels’ Regional Secretary of State for Economic Transition. The project is now starting its second phase, during which the focus will be on raising awareness of the Brussels administrations and businesses to help them embark on the Donut journey. It will also deepen the analysis of a plethora of indicators to turn the Brussels Doughnut Portrait into a dashboard for the transition of the Region, by making it live and operational and building collaborations with many public and private stakeholders in the Region. 

    The work of Brussels Capital Region will be presented by Stéphanie Lepczynski, policy adviser for scientific research, European affairs and the Brussels Donut in the cabinet of the Brussels Capital Region's Secretary of State for Economic Transition and Scientific Research. 

  • Nanaimo, Canada - In 2020, Nanaimo's City Council passed a motion to "adopt the Doughnut Economics Model as a cohesive vision for all city initiatives and planning processes...". The city has since blended the Doughnut with their city visioning process leading to a new community-led City Plan, and have been using the Doughnut as a unifying framework across the Council, gradually bringing it into a number of policies and strategies - from land use planning, to procurement, to investment. 

    The work of Nanaimo will be presented by Nanaimo City Councillor Ben Geselbracht. 

Following each presentation, there will be an opportunity for webinar participants to ask questions. 

Note that this webinar will be held at a time that is more friendly to members of the DEAL Community across the Americas. However, the webinar will be recorded and shared back here on DEAL’s platform, available to all that haven't been able to join live. 

How to join
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    Luciana Maia

    Erfurt, Thüringen, Deutschland

    I am really fascinated about the doughnut approach.

    Madoka Minamisawa


    Because we are interested in Doughnut Economics and its potential impact to the world.

    Markus Wiklander

    Malmo, Skåne län, Sweden

    I want to learn more about circular-/ doughnut economics, to connect with people, and find how I may contribute to a better planet

    Nicole Bastien

    München, Bayern, Deutschland

    curious how municipalities and administrations can be shaped into regenerative communities

    Yuge Lei

    Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany

    I firmly believe that we need a shift away from the understanding of economics that shapes the way we think and act today.


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