Workshop Donut for Cities (1/7) (in Portuguese) (Past)

Share and practice tools to build prosperous and resilient cities in times of climate emergency

We are faced with an inconvenient truth: climate change is creating refugees in our own land.
In this complex and tragic context, we need to find ways to transform ourselves, our communities, and our cities.
We believe that the vision proposed by Doughnut Economics can be a path forward.

Workshop (in portuguese): Doughnut for Cities: Tools to Build Prosperous and Resilient Cities in Times of Climate Emergency!

Doughnut Economics offers various methodologies and tools, including one specifically for cities. In the current context of climate tragedies, it is crucial to rethink our cities and policies to ensure a fair and safe environment for all inhabitants, without exceeding the limits of the planet.

We will begin a journey with 7 meetings to apply Doughnut Economics tools in the context of cities, using a city in Rio Grande do Sul as a case study. Beyond theory, we will apply and experiment with these tools on the Miro platform to envision prosperous and resilient futures.

Some questions that will guide us on this journey include: How can we rethink our cities to ensure no one is forced to choose between staying and surviving? How can we create cities where everyone "lives in the Doughnut," promoting prosperity in a fair and sustainable way? What does prosperity really mean?

Details of the 1st Meeting:
- Date and Time: May 21st, next Tuesday, from 7 PM to 9 PM
- Registration:

Come join this workshop and contribute to the co-creation of innovative approaches to tackle the urgent challenges of the 21st century in our cities. Together, we can create more prosperous cities, respecting the well-being of all people and the health of the planet.

Register now and be part of this transformation!

Donut Brasil Team



    ana lavaquial

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Learn and share takeways from the application of DE´s strategies and tools to evolve the community in Brazil :)


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