Co-creating methods to localise the Doughnut: Share your thoughts!

We're launching a 6-week consultation period for the DEAL Community to share insights into creating Doughnut Portraits.

[Update 20/09/2021: This consultation period is now closed. Thanks to all contributors for your generous comments and suggestions -- we are grateful for your time and experience.]

We are excited to announce the launch of a 6-week consultation period for members of the DEAL Community to share comments and suggestions on DEAL's latest methodological guidance on localising the global Doughnut to places by creating 'Doughnut Portraits'.

In April 2020, at the height of the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Amsterdam published the Amsterdam City Doughnut as part of the city's engagement in the Thriving Cities Initiative – it was the first public presentation of the 'Portrait' approach to downscaling the global Doughnut to the city scale. This decision to adopt Doughnut Economics concepts and tools as a new vision and model to guide the city's post-coronavirus recovery kicked off a process that we see as peer-to-peer inspiration, which is incredibly powerful.

We published the first version of a methodological guide just a few months later in July 2020, making it freely available for others to pick up and adapt. Today there are cities and regions all over the world who are applying the Doughnut Portrait methodology, following the lead of Amsterdam, and committing to create their own Portraits adapted to their needs and priorities.

Now it's time to update our guidance to take into account these and other developments over the past year - and we would deeply appreciate your thoughts and contributions. We have created a working draft methodological Handbook for creating ‘Doughnut Portraits’ for places that we are sharing here in order to receive comments and contributions from members of the DEAL Community. We launched this co-creative consultation period during two co-creative webinars that heard from inspiring changemakers putting the methodology into practice in Australia, Barbados, Canada, and India.

Let's co-create a V2.0 Handbook for the Doughnut Portrait methodology

Throughout the handbook, we describe the methods that were chosen to create the first Doughnut Portraits in Amsterdam, Philadelphia, and Portland, and we also showcase the approaches since taken by other cities in global North contexts. In addition, we include the insights drawn from an in-depth co-creative process that we held with a team of 20+ contributors from global South contexts, which was held during the first half of 2021 in order to explore the implications of adapting this methodology to better reflect the needs, interests, and priorities of places in the global South.

There are many changes to the flow and voice of the text that we know are still required, but we wanted to share a working draft as early as possible, in support of the many organisations and initiatives worldwide that are keen to use, contribute to and learn from this evolving methodological approach. We warmly and gratefully invite your comments, suggestions and reflections throughout the document, and will aim to incorporate these into a Version 2.0 of the Handbook in Autumn 2021.

Click here to review the working draft handbook for 'Creating Doughnut Portraits for Places', and to share your contributions and experience. [Update 20/09/2021: This consultation period is now closed.]




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