New DEAL Community Platform updates now live

Introducing the DEAL Community Map, a handy Notification System, an Activity Feed, and more!

Back in March we launched the DEAL Community Platform Development Hub - a new space for members of the DEAL Community to help shape the design and ongoing technical development of the DEAL Community Platform (aka this website).

We are excited to announce that the first wave of your most requested features are now live:

DEAL Community Map

An interactive map to help you view and discover all DEAL Community members, stories and events that have a set location. Filter by content type or search by keyword to help find exactly what (or who) you're looking for.

Coming soon: We are hoping to add Local Groups & Networks to the DEAL Community Map.

Notification System

Get notified when someone posts a comment on your tool, replies to one of your comments, joins your event, posts content in a theme you've joined, and much more. You can change your preferences (including opting out of all notifications) from your profile settings page.

Activity Feed

This dual-purpose feature not only allows you to view all of your own notifications (including ones you've previously read), it also allows you to view all activity happening across the site. Use it to quickly see new and popular content, such as events that lots of members are attending.

Event System Upgrade

To help you keep track of events you've joined you can now opt to add any event to your external calendar. We'll also send you a reminder notification 24 hours before the event is due to start.

Coming soon: We will be adding the option to allow event creators to send a notification to all registered attendees if they make a significant update, for example a change to the event date or time.

Global Search

You can now search all parts of the site from a single place - just click the little search icon in the navigation bar at the top of all pages. This will show you results from tools, stories, events, members, information pages, FAQs, and more.

Coming soon: We're looking to improve search robustness so you won't need to enter the exact word you're looking for to get a match. For example, by matching slightly misspelled words, or plural and singular versions of the same word.

We hope these new features help enrich your experience on this platform, and better empower you to connect with the DEAL Community in order put the ideas of Doughnut Economics into practice.

If you have any feedback or ideas for improvements, each of these features will continue to have an entry on the Development Hub under the ‘Current Features’ section where you can leave your comments and suggestions.

You'll also find additional suggestions and 'Feature Proposals' on the Development Hub which you can 'like' to help us gauge interest, or you can submit brand new feature proposals if you have an idea that's not already covered.




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