Notification System

A system to notify members when relevant actions occur on the platform.

Last Updated: 19/03/2024 - This feature is now live for members 🎉

You can find the original feature proposal below, and if you have ideas for improvements please do leave a comment.

Ideas for further improvements

  • Batch multiple notifications of the same type together, e.g. "5 people joined your event...."
  • Have another suggestion? Please leave a comment below!


As a member of the DEAL Community Platform, it is currently difficult to keep track of relevant activity that might be of interest to you - such as replies to your comments, or people joining an event you have posted. 

Other platforms, including social media platforms, rely on a customisable notification system to help their users see relevant updates in one place without having to manually seek them out.

What is the essence of this proposal?

A system to let you know when something occurs (usually another member’s action) that is relevant to you. For example, this might include when someone:

  • Comments on your tool/story/event
  • Replies to one of your comments
  • Joins your event
  • Updates to a tool/story/event you've added to their toolbox

Features of such a system might include:

  • A summary panel accessed from header (see sample mock-up below)
  • A notifications page with a longer list of notifications, split into pages
  • The ability to click on a notification to be taken to the relevant content/page
  • An option to opt in/out of different types of notifications (or indeed all  notifications)
  • An option to disable notifications for specific events/tools/stories/comments
  • An option for the DEAL Team to send important update (e.g. Privacy Notice changes)

Notification Panel Mock-up

Notification Opt-in/out Controls Mock-up

What are the potential benefits?

Help members engage with each other and keep track of actions and reactions that are of direct relevance to them, creating feedback loops that will lead to a healthier and more lively online community. Closely related to the Activity Feed features suggestion.

Who would benefit?

For all community members who struggle to keep track of updates which are relevant to them, particularly useful for anyone who uploads content such as tool, stories or events.

Open Questions

  • What kinds of notifications would you like to receive?
  • Where should notifications appear and how frequently?
Roisin Markham over 3 years ago

It would be great to be able to tag localities relevant to place - like Ireland, Wexford or regions

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Karn Bianco over 3 years ago

Ooh, interesting. So in the context of a notification system, are you thinking that you'd you like to be able to "subscribe" to certain tags and get notified when new content with that tag or keyword gets posted?

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