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Doughnut Economics and Co-operatives

We have copied the abstract below. You can contact us on if you would like to repurpose any of the video for something else. Dr. Carol Power did an amazing job of synthesising the doughnut economics, enterprises that are distributive by design and teed up the work that existing co-operative still need to do to meet the full potential of that design.


In the midst of global inequality, public health crisis and climate emergency, Doughnut Economics is an exciting new approach to understanding how we can create a thriving economy that meets of all needs while remaining within the bounds of the living world.

We are delighted to bring you this webinar on the role co-operatives can play within a ‘doughnut economy’ alongside UCC Centre for Co-operative Studies and Irish Doughnut Economics Network (IDEN).

This webinar features a presentation from researcher and lecturer Dr. Carol Power with contributions from Róisín Markham from IDEN followed by a facilitated discussion.

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