DOUGHNUT: The 'Laksham Rekha' for humans

The two sets of boundaries where crossing any can adversely impact mankind.

LAKSHMAN REKHA: The line holds a great symbolic value in the Sanskrit epic, Ramayana. Crossing this wreaked havoc on the Indian goddess and was the start of Lord Ram's quest to rescue his wife from Ravana's grasp.

The doughnut economics is equivalent to the Lakshman Rekha for the human race.

The inner circle implies equality amongst all. That is, no individual is devoid of the basic necessities of life.
Simultaneously,  the outer boundary reflects the planetary bounds. Going beyond this can act as a threat to our very own existence.

Between them lies the doughnut-like shape where the humans must continue living in order to sustain life on Earth.
Breaching any of the two lines can endanger our mother planet and take us a step closer to destruction.





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