In 2017, the government of the region of Extremadura, in Spain, one of the most rural and peripherical regions of Europe, set out to investigate other possible futures based on a green and circular economy in the horizon of 2030. I had the honour of coordinating a team that developed a research proposal from Territorial Innovation to promote a 2030 Ecosystem for the Green and Circular Economy in Extremadura. aligned with the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, in a work that combined the Donuts approach with Resilient Thinking (Stockholm Resilience Centre), the principles of the Transition Network, regenerative design and others, to offer a holistic approach to transformation this territory.  

So far this work has not had any significant impact in the Extremadura region. 

    Amanda Faulkner

    This is so inspiring! I'd love a copy in English to get a better understanding of all the detail represented here.
    I love it - beautiful graphics. Thank you for sharing :)

    23 days ago

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