Towards a Regenerative Melbourne

The Regen Melbourne network is proud to launch the report: Towards a Regenerative Melbourne

Regen Melbourne is an emerging network of individuals and organisations exploring a regenerative future for our city. Formed at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the network was convened by Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, Small Giants Academy, Circular Economy Victoria and the Coalition of Everyone. Regen Melbourne is now made up of more than 700 individuals and more than 40 organisations from across sectors and disciplines. In October 2020, the convening organisations instigated a community engagement project with three clear purposes:

  1. To investigate the appropriateness and adaptability of the Doughnut Economics model to Melbourne’s unique context
  2. To develop preliminary community insights around a regenerative future for Melbourne
  3. To explore the value of a network-based, collaborative methodology to surface findings and recommendations for our road ahead

To achieve the above, we  combined the Doughnut Economics City Portrait methodology and a unique community engagement model. Over the past six months, we convened five interactive community forums, undertook 15 leadership interviews, held six roundtables and conducted countless hours of data analysis.

We are so proud to now release our report that synthesises the learnings from this process: Towards a Regenerative Melbourne. The full report and a highlights report are both now available on our website:

For those who'd like the super short version (!) below is a quick summary of the major insights gained, and the three main outputs of our work so far: a Melbourne Doughnut, a Vision Statement for our city, and a Roadmap for the path ahead. 

Our research and community engagement project made three clear findings:

  • The Doughnut Economics methodology, when downscaled and localised to Melbourne’s context, serves as a powerful new compass for our city. The Doughnut model is highly adaptable and creates the space for impactful community-led conversations about our future. The Doughnut model provides the right framework for the right time as Melbourne emerges from our COVID-19 lockdowns.  See Melbourne Doughnut below: 

The Melbourne Doughnut

  • Our community insights process has surfaced an emerging vision for a regenerative Melbourne. The Doughnut model and our unique community engagement model developed potent preliminary insights for Greater Melbourne. The major opportunity now is for further municipal and neighbourhood-level localisation, and the inclusion of the global lens of the City Portrait methodology. See co-created vision for Melbourne below:


A Vision for Melbourne

  • The Regen Melbourne network has emerged as an Anchor Collaborative, creating meaningful community connection and activation that can be developed further. This community-led approach to localising the Doughnut model has been marked by the ease and effectiveness of collaboration within the Regen Melbourne network. This has resulted in a co-created shared vision, pathways for continued work and a framework for an aligned way to measure success.

Finally, our work together over the last 6 months has generated a clear roadmap for the Regen Melbourne network. This is shown below, aligned to each of our primary insights. The Regen Melbourne network is now exploring the best ways of activating this Roadmap.

The Regen Melbourne Roadmap




    Yuli Gutierrez

    Colima, Mexico

    I want to learn how to exist in this changing economy and I'm sure I can be a good element to put the Doughnut Economy into prac..

    Laurel Gallagher

    Stoke-on-Trent, England, United Kingdom

    Interested in how public art projects can productively engage with and support circular economies

    Dan Leverington

    Coorabell, New South Wales, Australia

    I believe the Doughtnut is the future, and I want to speed up the future

    Kevan Barwise

    Gosford, New South Wales, Australia

    Eager to connect with like minded people, to gather tools and ideas to curate a vision for the Central Coast

    Saskya Hunter

    Brisbane City, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

    I'm looking for inspiration and people to bounce ideas off

    Jane Chuah

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    An Environmental Student looking to learn and engage more within the community and implement active changes around me

    Barry Camson

    Haifa, Israel

    Interested in the practical aspects of applying the Doughnut.

    Ryan J. Kemp

    Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, United States of America

    I am here to learn more about the Doughnut Model to utilize it in my work and to spiral off of the momentum.

    Pia Dobson

    Perth, Western Australia, Australia

    Interested in applying the doughnut to natural resource management - particularly fisheries, agriculture and primary industries.


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