Four lenses - Four questions of city portrait

Use as a starting point for conversations and engagement in your community, to get people thinking and talking!


Template for the four key questions to start off your city portrait, ready for you to adapt for your place.
Available as Google Slides (online), OpenOffice Presentation, or Microsoft PowerPoint. Hope you find it useful.





    günther fischer

    Dietramszell, Bayern, Deutschland

    Lets start doughnut connections! Positive Beispiele für funktionierende Kreisläufe zeigen. Chancen der Krise nutzen.

    Kaleopono Norris

    Hilo, Hawaii, United States of America

    Hawaiian culture connects intimately with caring for ecological resources, necessary for surviving global warming impacts.

    Jeremy Melder

    Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

    I am interested in exploring the doughnut economy approach for my community in Northern NSW Australia

    Peter Dillon

    Leyland, UK

    I'd like to collaborate in applying the doughnut locally, using it as a tool to engage various parties on future possibilities

    V Robinson

    Yate, England, United Kingdom

    It looks like a sensible place to find inspiration and help with the educational game idea


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