Applying Creating City Portraits: El Monte, Chile

Implementation of the methodology Creating City Portraits the City of El Monte, Metropolitan Region, Chile.

The project seeks to define the ecological limits of the city of El Monte, Metropolitan Region, Chile, through the implementation of the "Creating City Portraits" methodology, and thereby, integrate its natural limits into the communal planning.  

We aim to adapt and apply the methodology of "Creating City Portraits"  in El Monte, a commune with more than 26,000  inhabitants, in order to provide concrete tools for facing ecological degradation and social disparities. This is extremely important considering the natural crisis and the mega-drought of the central region in the country.
As we apply the methodology adapted to cities to the global south, we aim to: 

  1. Monitor the application of the methodological adaptation of the selfie of the city. 
  2. Inquire about the sources available for the projection and measurement of the social and ecological limits of El Monte. 
  3. 3. Calculate and present communal limits indicators, social floor and ecological ceilings based on the 9 global limits.
  4. Provide and facilitate educational spaces to the community about the ecological limits of the ecosystems existing in their territory and their importance for well-being.
  5. Appraise the local planning with the social and ecological limits of what the population of El Monte considers well-being.

The project will be developed in 4 phases: 

  1. Pre-diagnostic and identification phase:  where key actors for the participatory process and prior survey data about social and environmental indicators will be collected. 
  2. Participatory and technical survey of local social and ecological lenses, the definition of local ecosystem boundaries and their importance; 
  3. Participatory and technical survey global social and ecological lenses, where the sources of the pressure of excess of the limits of El  Monte are identified and 
  4. Information processing,  obtaining the selfie, presentation to the community and closing. 





    Ana Paula Santos

    São Paulo, Brasil

    The idea of the Donut caught my attention since graduation and now, in my Master's, my idea is to apply it in a city in our region


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