Donut Design for Business for CSR directors

How the Donut can add value and reframe how we design CSR strategies ?

I was asked if I could facilitate a workshop for a non-profit where CSR directors meet and help each other. At first, I wasn't too sure how to do it because of the decisions involved in Doughnut Design for Business, aimed at CEOs.

But I decided to take the challenge and thought it was a great first step to raise awareness of this profile!

And I was right to do it according to the feedback from participants :)

The workshop in Carros, France with 14 CSR directors

During the 3,5 hours we had together, we started with the Step into the Doughnut format. It was a great way to have people get on their feet, discover the Doughnut emotionally, and meet each other.

Then we moved on with the Doughnut Design for Business Taster tool. It was easy to skip Rapid Mapping since most of them had been doing in-depth diagnostics of their companies' impacts.

In each group, co-animators reminded the participants not to give advice but to role-play stakeholders. I also had to remind them regularly to think from a future perspective, with most participants staying focused on the now.

I measure now how difficult it can be for most of us to simultaneously project ourselves into the future while generating ambitious and transformative ideas!

We ended up looking at the five layers and having the participants focus on those they had knowledge about to identify what blocked and what enabled the implementation of the ideas.

During each workshop I facilitate, I realise that most participants don't stick to the current design but start at the same time to generate ideas on how to redesign it: Once we see blocks, we usually think in terms of solutions!

All in all, participants' reactions went from being inspired and happy to discover something new to willing to implement it ASAP in their companies.

What I learned from this experience is that when people are willing to try and discover, I will open the doors and offer the right format amongst all the amazing tools being shared here on the platform!





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