Doughnut Economics underpins UK events pilot

Launched at LAEOG’s Event Production Show, a pilot will provide local authorities with a free doughnut advisory toolkit

Launched at LAEOG’s Event Production Show, the pilot will provide local authorities with a free-to-use, simple toolkit to assess an event’s community, accessibility and environmental sustainability impacts. Work is underway to integrate doughnut economics into a pilot project that could redesign UK licensing and policy development.

It is called DATE, or “Doughnut Assessment Toolkit (Events)” and is rooted in the ethos of doughnut economics. As a practical interpretation of this ethos DATE has been designed to provide an accessible, off-the-shelf solution for local authorities and other organisations to gain attain a better understanding of their events’ commitment and practices in key areas of accessibility and sustainability. It has been developed to embed two distinct frameworks into an events commissioning process by combining the Green Events Code and the Attitude is Everything Live Events Access Charter into an integrated assessment and advisory platform.

It simultaneously provides community platforming through an integrated social value model and numerous datasets for local authorities and other organisations to evaluate priorities, allocate funding effectively and identify cost saving opportunities.

An example of the DATE toolkit summary page

What’s next?

Throughout 2023 a pilot group of local authorities across the UK will be selected to trial the code, and develop an understanding of how it can be implemented to best effect in practice for outdoor events across areas such as policy, assessment for site permissions and tenders.

The DATE toolkit is also a template that has been adapted to provide a unified solution to the standardisation of events licensing within an accessible and sustainable framework. There are variations of the toolkit now in development incorporating areas of property, public spaces, planning, business and social care. These new versions can be tailored quickly, are easy to produce and will be explored as a separate pilot starting April 2023.

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