Exploring post-growth futures in the EU

A 2-hour webinar on 'Economic sustainability for the 21st century’, hosted by the European Commission

In February 2022, the European Commission's Research & Innovation Directorate hosted a 2-hour learning event on "Economic sustainability for the 21st century", which opened with this welcome challenge from the Director-General of Research & Innovation, Jean-Eric Paquet:

"The question is not so much whether we need to re-invent a post-growth model ... The case for a post-growth model, I think, is won. The question for me is much more: how do we do that? I hope that you will focus very much not on whether, but much more on how this morning."

For us at DEAL, it is remarkable to see senior policy officers exploring openly and powerfully the need to move beyond Europe's growth dependence.

Participants reflecting on post-growth futures and challenges for the EU and beyond

Participants throughout the event shared different perspectives on policy-making in an EU that thrives without growth, including the DEAL Team's Andrew Fanning.

We think the whole session is worth a watch, and here's to hoping that it turns out to be a pivotal moment in transforming decades of research and knowledge into EU policy action.

Watch the event recording here (on the European Commission Streaming Service)

Find the agenda and the list of inspiring speakers below, moderated by Thomas Arnold, DG Research & Innovation  (with timestamps):

Opening remarks
  • Jean-Eric PAQUET, Director General, DG Research & Innovation (9:00:00 - 9:02:30)
  • Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director, European Environment Agency (9:02:30 - 9:07:45)

Keynote presentation

Panel discussion

Closing remarks & comments
  • Sandrine Dixson-Decleve, Co-president, Club of Rome: 21st Century Transformational Economics (10:27:40 - 10:40:40)
  • Roman Arjona, Chief Economist, European Commission DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship & SMEs: EU Green Deal and beyond - Towards a regenerative wellbeing economy? (10:40:50 - 10:54:00)




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