London Doughnut Economics Coalition - Meeting six

Regular get together of the London Doughnut Economics Coalition

On Tuesday 11th of May, the London Doughnut Economics Coalition met up for their 6th on hands session.

Data team update on City Portrait Methodology – Leena Kang & Anna Jezewska
After an introduction on the City Portrait Methodology the group split into 4 sub-teams. Each sub-team went over the Local Social or Local Ecological indicators and visuals that have been prepared so far. Overall, all groups agreed each indicator should be compared against a target, which could be different by borough and the totality of London. To give a robust baseline, targets should also be set in consultation. 
Additional indicators were identified as well as the names of organisations that might be able to help. Finally, it was highlighted the information needed to be visual and digestible to help those that are not data experts be included in the conversation. 
The data team will next start looking at Global Social and Global Ecological indicators. The aim is to present the portrait to the GLA once it is completed. This must be in conjunction with the Public Awareness strategy, to ensure consistency of messaging.

Book Club – Claire Callan
The first meeting kicked off with a review of the book’s second chapter. The club met again on Tuesday 18th of May to go over chapter 3. If you are interested in joining the club, keep an eye for the next meeting announcement.

Global Doughnut Coalition – Azi Arman
The Global Doughnut Coalition is made up of one or two representatives per local doughnut group. For London we are represented by Azi Arman and Claire Callan. Kathy Gibbs is also part of the Global Coalition representing Barbados. They post related material in the Global Doughnut Coalition Slack Channel as they attend different sessions. Everyone is welcome to go over the material and share their thoughts. Differences with Cambridge and Berlin were mentioned during the session. It was also highlighted that it might be useful to have a Glossary of Terms.

Public Awareness team update – Samantha Keegan
The group embraced “Strive to Thrive” as the campaign name. The purpose of the Public Awareness team will be to focus on: “Getting the 
public to ‘bite’ into the doughnut”. That is: Branding, Government Outreach, Marketing, Promotions, Social Media, General Outreach, Public awareness raising and Physical presence in public spaces.
Next the group wants to clarify what we aim to have accomplished in one year’s time, so we can focus our efforts. We also need to look into a final logo and colour hierarchy and an external email address.
Finally, we would like to create a hub where all doughnut-related organisations can connect.

Thank you Azi Arman for chairing the meeting. Anna & Leena will chair the next session. This will be on Tuesday the 1st of June at 7pm. Watch out for the event announcement shortly.




    colin higgs

    Penryn Cornwall

    Love the philosophy of doughnut economics

    Bruce Peters

    Rochester, New York, United States of America

    I was introduced to the concept and community by a friend and colleague. Searching.

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    Bruce Peters almost 3 years ago

    I am interested to bring Doughnut Economics to Upstate NY. ( Rochester, NY) And interested to connect with anyone with ex willing to share thoughts or ideas as to how to get started. Love what you're doing in London. How is it going from your perspectives? What's working? What isn't?

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