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We Harvested & planted trees with European Commissioner Frans Timmermans and Zuhal Demir Nature Minister Vlaams BE

Last Saturday we Harvested & planted trees with European Commissioner Frans Timmermans, Flemish Minister of Nature & Justice Zuhal Demir, Belgian Foresters with #MeerbomenNu #MoreTreesNow @urgendanl #MEERGroen in Hoeliaart, Belgium.
Simple #circular sustainable inexpensive way to plant trees, take climate action at #grassroots #community level. MoreTreesNow harvests seedlings that would normally die due to lack of space & competition or land management techniques, these are collected &stored in hubs over winter and then donated to volunteers & locations & planted in the Spring.
MoreTreesNow aims to give away 1m unwanted saplings to individuals, farmers & councils with the hope that the idea and initiative will spread across Europe.
Healthy forests can be a significant ally in our fight against climate change.
Find some additional international resources here on how it works and how to get involved:
Article in The Guardian -
This Dutch Initiative Aims To Speed Up Forest Planting & Article
Some local Belgian Press -  MeerBomen in Belgium with Frans Timmermans - Vlaamse Minister van Nature Zuhal Demir - some local TV - MeerBomenNu@MeerbomenN· .@TimmermansEU in het VRT journaal:  "Vaak vragen mensen mij wat ze zelf kunnen doen voor het klimaat. Nou dit kun je doen: bomen verplanten"     
Frans_Timmermans on instagram video in English 
Join us to help rescue and plant trees in your local communities, or arrange your own Harvesting Days with friends and colleagues. -E.g. this week 3 Day harvest Veluwe Arnhem -





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