One Small Town

Small Towns where business, community and commons are cooperatively owned

We are launching One Small Town in Ras El Matn, Lebanon and Kuruman, South Africa. First of hundreds of communities embracing a cooperative ecosystem. 40 to 50 businesses all cooperatively owned, locally generated community energy,  free use of goods and services via contributing your time. 

The community is engaging a complete digital economy with many tools and services on the blockchain along with social tokens and NFTs tied to actual businesses and art work.




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    John Burns about 2 years ago

    The One Small Town model incorporates a new economic system I have called Torus Economics.. It is predicated on the Torus Exchange of townspeople labour building sustainable businesses and community services. The Torus is a doughnut of energy and the quality of the vibrations generated by the Torus Exchange through monitoring using Doughnut Economic tools gives us a real clinical practicum opportunity to apply revolutionary systems and technology.

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