Redesigning businesses

Collective design for better results

Seven participants from diverse industries attended the Doughnut Design for Business workshop at the beginning of September: software, education, food production, and lighting. 

There was a world traveller, a startup, a 100-year-old family business and three SMEs.

Participants valued the diversity of perspectives, and breakthrough ideas came from interactive discussions. They also appreciated that we were two co-facilitators and the dynamics it created.

Introducing transformative ideas

Here are some ideas that emerged during the workshop:

Examples of transformative regenerative and distributive ideas identified in the workshop.

  • Make service accessible to deaf people.
  • Sell customized products 
  • Diversify our offering to avoid dependence on a degenerative sector
  • Relocate production to France
  • Reuse materials from end-of-life products recovered from our customers (creating a circular economy loop)
  • Local sourcing
  • Participative governance with employees
  • Create a national network of partners to act locally and reduce travels 
  • Create an open-source platform 

Examples of the current design of the businesses that block and enable such ideas.

  • Profit-driven Board of Directors
  • Top-down governance
  • The mentalities and worldview of the management team challenging to change
  • Performance indicators that focus solely on profit maximization and the financial dimension.

Examples of ideas for business redesign and how these could enable transformative ideas.

  • No margin for developing countries
  • Define and adopt new indicators (social and environmental) to complement financial and market share indicators.

Challenges and insights that emerged in exploring transformative ideas and business redesign.

  • Train employees on the Doughnut and organize in-house workshops
  • Set up new indicators
  • Raise awareness internally with Rapid Doughnut Mapping

Ways the tool can evolve to better support businesses on the business redesign journey.

  • One-day in-company workshop 
  • More group reflections
  • Include stakeholders 
  • Provide additional content on innovations about the five layers (examples and new models).




    Asuncion Aguilar

    Sophia Antipolis, France and Barcelona, Spain

    Guiding organizations and regions through their transformational journey to embrace regenerative and distributive dynamics.

    Jean Girard-Arsenault

    Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

    This lab seems as a very good model to work for for optimal happiness and optimal ecological footprint.


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