sustainable future by experience teaching

We strive to provide students with an innovative learning experience that is grounded in scientific research.

We are committed to creating a more sustainable future by teaching the Doughnut Economics model.  We strive to provide students with an innovative and comprehensive learning experience that is grounded in scientific research and practical wisdom. 

We have just embarked on our journey to integrate the Doughnut Economics into university teaching, and we are making significant progress. At present, we are collaborating with the Gründer-Institut (startup hub) of the SRH University of Applied Sciences Heidelberg to develop smaller workshop sessions that will demonstrate how the Doughnut model can enhance students' comprehension and provide a clearer purpose for sustainable project development.

These workshops will primarily focus on utilizing the planning tool in order to optimize students' actions within the startup module. We believe that this integration will create fascinating connections between their work in this module and their exploration of environmental, local, and global concerns.

To facilitate these workshops effectively, we will be employing an invaluable resource called Taster Tool: Doughnut Design for Business. This particular tool offers businesses a condensed version of DEAL's core Doughnut Design for Business tool while still allowing them to engage meaningfully with Doughnut Economics principles.

The workshops are embedded in a 5 week module on entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. 

If you're interested in exchanging ideas about applying this concept or would like further information, please don't hesitate to reach out by contacting me at





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