The Doughnut turns 9 !

Your birthday messages to mark 9 years since the Doughnut was first published

The Doughnut turns 9 !

To celebrate the Doughnut's 9th birthday - since it was first published in an Oxfam Discussion Paper entitled 'A safe and just space for humanity: can we live within the Doughnut?' - we invited you to share with us your pictures, poems and possibilities for the Doughnut’s year ahead.

Here are some of the fantastic things you shared with us.

There once were a few of you who wrote poems...

Whilst others have the magic power of seeing Doughnuts all over the place...

Click here to see the beautiful GIF visualisation of investigative music (above)

Some of you shared inspirations...

And, of course, there was some baking...

Click here for the Atelier recipes

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who shared your birthday messages with us, and here's to the year ahead! (*raises glass*)





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