The HIVE Project

An eco-hub and community roadmap for 2030

The HIVE Project incorporates a local eco-education hub and an 8 year action plan to take the Knaresborough community on a journey together towards a regenerative and thriving future.

The Roadmap has been tailored to help us all respond to Knaresborough's challenges, and do it with a sense of adventure and fun! Our collective vision, the measurable changes we agree to make by 2030 and a detailed roadmap to get us there, will be captured in 2022 as a baseline using Doughnut Economics framework to help us capture our current "selfie".

Throughout our annual programmes we'll be hosting a series of projects and events in line with our action plan to engage, educate and empower the community. Our programmes will run annually up to 2030 and launch on Earth Day (22nd April) each year. 

Each month we will focus on a different area of concern to make the incremental and measurable steps towards our 2030 vision as set out in the HIVE Action Plan. Projects and events will offer the community ways in which they can learn about and make the necessary changes towards our 2030 vision together. Our eight areas of concern are: Soil & food, Circular trends, Green Energy, Biodiversity, Clean Water & Air, Optimisation, Regenerative Economies and New Future Stories.

Research and evaluation throughout our annual journey will give us the real world data to help steer us towards our destination - An adaptable, thriving and regenerative future to hand to our children from 2030 and beyond. 

One of our main goals is to capture data that can contribute to regional and national doughnut models.




    Hicham El Maaroufi Elidrissi


    Rethink our entire socio-economic reality "glocally" so that a new economy and new social structures can emerge.

    John Kydd

    Bainbridge Island WA

    To learn how I might promote doughnut economics in my region.

    Emi Imai

    Middlesbrough, England, United Kingdom

    I would like to downscale DE in Middlesbrough. Seeking advice and allies from DEAL & would like to contribute too

    Roisin Markham

    Gorey, Leinster, Ireland

    Designer, bridging from X we are here -> regenerative futures where nature & humanity thrive in the places we live, work & play.


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