Transforming places with DE - webinar 1

Hearing from community-led initiatives in Leeds, UK and Melbourne, Australia

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In this webinar from 18th May 2022 we hear from two community-led initiatives aiming to transform their place with Doughnut Economics: Climate Action Leeds and Regen Melbourne.

We were so pleased we have these two fantastic initiatives share their stories together on this webinar as they demonstrate two different starting points for action: data-first and vision-first.

In April this year the team at Climate Action Leeds launched a Leeds Doughnut report taking a data-first approach to get a snapshot of the city to start conversation and the journey to a safe and thriving Leeds.

And in April last year, the team at Regen Melbourne launched Towards a Regenerative Melbourne report, taking a vision-first approach to create a shared vision for the city drawing upon the imagination and aspiration of the residents of Melbourne and start the journey towards a regenerative Melbourne.

We hope you enjoy listening to these two stories of community-led action. And join us for the next webinar where we'll be hearing the local government perspective on transforming places with Doughnut Economics with the cities of Nanaimo, Canada and Brussels, Belgium:

0:00 Introduction
02:09 Climate Action Leeds
31:23 Regen Melbourne
56:51 Closing remarks

Find out more and read their reports here:

Access the 'Doughnut Unrolled' tools to apply Doughnut Economics to your place here:

You can also watch the full launch of the Leeds Doughnut here:




    Christian Hansen

    Berlin, Germany

    Friend of Donut Berlin, bringing creativity, hope, and curiosity to make our city a safe and just space for all.

    günther fischer

    Dietramszell, Bayern, Deutschland

    Lets start doughnut connections! Positive Beispiele für funktionierende Kreisläufe zeigen. Chancen der Krise nutzen.

    Helen Hill

    Dili, East Timor

    Fantastic to hear Kate Raworth deliver the Schumaher Lecture on Zoom: now trying to apply her ideas in local govt. in Timor-Leste

    stan curtis

    Portland, Oregon, United States of America

    Regenerative patterns w/Stuart Cowan, Joe Brewer & Daniel Christian Wahl...thx, Amsterdam (Kate-pilot)

    Phillippa Banister

    Shipley, England, United Kingdom

    Passion for the ideas and concepts of Doughnut Economics and on the ground experience of building community around social change.


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