Young Leaders in Energy & Sustainability summit

Conference “Changing the frame: What do Doughnuts have to do with Sustainable Development?”

The YES-Europe (Young Leaders in Energy & Sustainability) network operates on an international and local level to catalyze the energy transition across Europe. 

In April 2023, members of the “Doughnut Economics Greece Network”, a self-organizing network that puts the ideas of Doughnut Economics into practice in Greece, participated at the annual conference of Young Leaders in Energy and Sustainability (YES) in Athens.

The conference title was “Changing the frame: What do Doughnuts have to do with Sustainable Development?”. The facilitators of the “Doughnut Economics Greece Network” invited the attendees to  “Step into the Doughnut”, a workshop that explores the 9 planetary boundaries and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, a framework to meet the needs of all within the means of our living planet.

Following the workshop, various examples of the worldwide application of the Doughnut Economics principles were briefly presented (Brussels Donut and Nanaimo Doughnut Framework). 

Also, more doughnut-inspired data visualisations from this interactive website were presented to view the performance of different countries regarding the social and planetary boundaries of the Doughnut Economics framework.





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