Levels of Corporate Planetary Responsibility (CPR)

Version 1.0 (21st of April 2021)


This tool shows and describes the levels or corporate (and organizational) planetary responsibility and their transformational power for the future success of your organization using an appealing Art Deco style to encourage your teams and your audience.
It describes levels of corporate planetary responsibility and provides star ratings from 0 stars (not playing) to 5 stars (Grand Master and Evangelist) for 10x Climate Transformation approaches.

Why use it?

The tool provides a maturity model to help you, your team and audience to understand their current position and possible future path of their organizational climate transformation. 
We put great effort into creating it in an appealing way using an encouraging Art Deco style.

Who is it for?

teachers, consultants, sustainability officers, climate transformation officers

How long does it take?

To explain the model quickly might be possible in 5 minutes. But it aims to be used in a time span of  15-30 minutes, maybe up to 1 hour.

How many people is it for?

It can work for very small groups with 2 to 7 people up to townhall/company meetings where you want to explain the model and then use standard methods like "use sticky points to rate where your company/department is now and where it might be within 24 months. What is preventing us from getting there faster? What is missing to get there faster? "

What materials do you need?

Depending on the group size and goal for the session. For large audiences: A beamer and computer with the presentation, boards for the sticky points, sticky notes and pens or board markers. A camera (Mobile phone) to record the results.

What does the facilitator need to know or be able to do?

He or she should read through the document carefully, check out the links and think it through: Where does he/she agree? Where does he/she see other aspects. Make familiar with it. Then go and test it in a smaller group, later a larger group.


CC-BY SA 4.0 
by https://Tools.ClimateHackerz.com , Joerg Osarek.



Who's using this tool?

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