Doughnut Diagrams in 23+ languages

Version 1.0 (November 2020) 


Over the past three years, the book Doughnut Economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist has been translated into 13 languages, so we are making high-quality colour graphics of the Doughnut available now in all those languages, in both PDF and JPEG formats, so they can be printed and used in presentations.


When using the image of the Doughnut in presentations, websites, or publications, please use the following attributions as appropriate:
  • Title: The Doughnut of social and planetary boundaries.
  • Credit: Kate Raworth and Christian Guthier. CC-BY-SA 4.0
  • Citation: Raworth, K. (2017), Doughnut Economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist. London: Penguin Random House.


Follow this link to see all the translations of the Doughnut diagrams in the 15 languages that have already been published, re-created in high quality colour graphics and ready to use in presentations, documents, websites, and more.

Simplified Chinese

All the diagrams in this tool have all been created using the online vector graphics design application, Gravit Designer, and these design templates: the Doughnut, the Overshoot Doughnut and the Embedded Economy diagram. If your language is not already translated, you can use these template to create your own. And if you do chose to create a translation, please visit our FAQ for more info and get in touch via the DEAL Contact Form.

Using Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is an online vector graphics design application. To edit the template, we recommend that you are familiar with the functionality of vector graphics applications and the concepts of graphics layers.

When using the templates (the Doughnut, the Overshoot Doughnut and the Embedded Economy diagram), please note that:

  1. All curved text is attached to its own circle, however there is a bug in the software which means that the text sometimes gets relocated in an incorrect place. To rectify this, simply select the circle corresponding to the text in question and rotate it backwards and forwards until the text reappears in the correct place
  2. To translate to languages that do not use Latin/Roman script, go to the fonts option and go to the selection of Noto Sans fonts to see the options available
  3. To share your translation with DEAL so we can add it to this tool, first save it to the Gravit Designer Cloud by selecting 'File > Save to Cloud as...'. Next, select 'File > Share file' and copy the share link (something like and share it with DEAL via our contact form. Thank you!

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