The Metabolism of Cities Data Hub serves as a central repository for a wide variety of information pertaining to urban metabolism in cities around the world. Whether you are looking for resources on a city’s infrastructure, stocks and flows, biophysical characteristics, or more, the Data Hub’s well-defined structure allows users to easily search through available information. As an ongoing project, this tool is continuously improved through crowdsourcing uploads of new data and information sources. Contribute to this ongoing project, fulfill your information needs, and explore what the Data Hub has to offer!

Why use it?

Collecting and analysing Doughnut Economics data (at a city level) can be overwhelming and time consuming. Instead of starting from scratch and working alone, you can find already collected data (by a global group of volunteers) or help crowdsource data in the platform. By centralising data you can create a dashboard for your city which can help you find pain points and opportunities, as well as monitor your progress.

Who is it for?

This tool is everyone interested to better understand the systemic challenges of cities (and how to measure them). From researchers, to citizens or policy makers, you are all welcome.

How long does it take?

It can take a couple of hours to a few weeks, depending on your interest on the topic.

How many people is it for?

There is no limit as to the number of participants. It can be used during classes, during workshops, individually, ...

What materials do you need?

Everyone can connect and collaborate online, the only thing you would need is a computer and internet connection.

What does the facilitator need to know or be able to do?

The facilitator should be familiar with principle of urban metabolism or have followed our online course on data collection. 


Who's using this tool?

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