How we apply Doughnut Economics in Berlin

Talk: How to Think like a Doughnut Economist and Transform the City - a Journey of Donut Activism in Berlin

Tl; dr: Talk | How we apply Doughnut Economics to Berlin | 50 mins  

Teaser: How can we meet the needs of all people within the means of the planet? Doughnut Economics offers a radical idea: abandon GDP growth, think in systems, distribute wealth, and nurture the earth. The initiative Donut Berlin has been using these principles to transform the city in more ecologically regenerative and socially just ways. The talk offers a guided tour through the meandering currents of urban activism – from theory to practice, from present to future.


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    Xavier Veciana


    Synergies with DEAL Community are a strong multiplier. Circular economy start ups in Brazil are a hope for Global South.

    Christian Hansen

    Berlin, Germany

    Friend of Donut Berlin, bringing creativity, hope, and curiosity to make our city a safe and just space for all.

    Martin Stavenhagen

    Singapore, Singapore

    I would like to connect with others who are interested in the Doughnut for cities, perhaps even in Singapore.


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