Annemarie van Leeuwen of the Herbert Vissers eXplore school in Nieuw Vennep, the Netherlands, made a quest aimed at 11 to 14 year olds around the doughnut and some sustainability issues. A quest is a self-contained series of activities the students go over online. They read online texts, watch videos and, like in this quest, test their own sustainability footprint. Some of the questions are closed, with a wide variety in question types, sometimes they have to do an assignment and add the result to a (online) file. At the end they make a 'show' of what they learned, where they can choose the form of presentation themselves.
Annemarie made the quest with a creative commons license, you can find it here. The quest is in Dutch and is in active use at the Herbert Vissers eXplore school.
More lessons, also in English, related to a 21st century economics education based on the Doughnut can be found on 21st economics

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